How does SEX TALK work?

First you must become a member of or enter as a guest. Unlike Facebook, this free website does not require your real name or a photograph. You can also download the free phone app to watch the live video meetings. Once you sign up I suggest you take the live video tutorial. When you enter the meeting space your avatar will appear below the video window with other attendees. YOU WILL NOT BE VISIBLE TO THE GROUP UNLESS YOU CLICK “REQUEST TO SHARE’ BUTTON.

Sex Talk is open to everyone in recovery. Whether you attend 12-step meetings or not, you are welcome to participate. The only rule for sex talk is that the participants do not eroticize their share. This is a safe place and not a XXX experience. We also do not use our personal morality to criticize or shame other members.

If you’re uncomfortable being onscreen, direct your camera toward a wall or turn off the lights. If anonymity is of utmost importance create a new profile or attend as an guest.

The group provides the momentum and steers the content. We keep the focus on feelings experienced around sex and intimacy and share our experiences with one another and how they’ve informed or impacted our recovery. It is call and response. Attendees can come into the main box with a question and others can share their direct experience relating to it. You can also instant message questions for me to share with the group.

Sex is a natural healthy part of our lives. Sober sex is an entirely new experience and it can kick up a lot of feelings. Nonetheless, it’s often left out of the recovery conversation. If relapse happens over feelings what happens to the recovering addict/alcoholic who carries a heavy load of feelings related to their sexual behavior, shame, self-criticism, feelings of inadequacy, denial, self-deception? Can things like unsafe sex, deception, infidelity or secretive behaviors become the pain precursor to avoiding meetings and friends? Will they kick up cravings? Sex Talk provides a safe place to let these feelings out. It’s a place where we can learn from others’ experience, strength and hope.

  Apr 02, 2017

Patty is a nationally recognized certified recovery coach and writer. She lives in New York City.

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