patty-11Patty Powers

Originally from Toronto, Patty began drinking and using drugs recreationally as an adolescent. At eighteen she moved to New York City where chance meetings with other addicts opened doors to careers, romantic relationships, the art world and the music scene. For years, whenever the negative consequences of addiction started taking their toll, survival instincts kicked in and she’d return to Toronto. It was a hamster wheel existence – getting strung out and cleaning up – and it relied heavily on the resiliency of youth. By 1987, she was living alone in an abandoned building in Los Angeles, having cut all ties to her former life. It was at this low point she was first introduced to recovery. On December 10th 1988, Patty was admitted into a treatment facility located outside of New Orleans for heroin addiction, cocaine, and methamphetamine use. She was discharged with 42 days clean on the first day of Mardi Gras and has remained drug and alcohol free.

Patty did not set out to become a recovery coach. Initially she was asked by friends in the entertainment industry to help provide guidance and companionship to their clients struggling with balancing work commitments with their newfound sobriety.

Through word-of-mouth her practice grew to include referrals from therapists, treatment providers, and other coaches. Leaders in the wellness community, including integrative physicians and psychiatrists, now refer Patty clients struggling not only with substance abuse issues but also those with impulsive destructive behaviors. Psychotherapist and transformation coach Terri Cole coined the phrase Shadow Addiction to open up a dialogue with this specific demographic of successful, health and enlightenment-seeking individuals.

In 2011 Patty was a featured sober coach on the A&E mini-series “Relapse.” She appears on radio and news programs, podcasts, web-series, and is often quoted in articles and books on addiction and recovery. Patty can be found in the “Ask the Experts” video section of http://rehabreviews.com/after-party/ and on the international coaching website http://www.goaly.com/. Her recovery writing and personal essays appear regularly on numerous websites. Patty speaks at wellness events and sober college campuses and brings Recovery Strategies Workshops to community and recovery events. She hosts a live video open discussion on Sex in Recovery the first Sunday of each month at http://www.intherooms.com/

Patty Powers is a certified recovery coach. When she’s not helping clients navigate their sobriety, she’s writing about recovery and putting her personal experiences into book form.