Sober Coach

“What is a sober coach? What do you do?”

I provide additional support, companionship, mentoring, and motivation to addicts and alcoholics at any point on their recovery journey. Recovery is more than just abstinence. I teach clients how to implement tools to handle real-life situations, feelings and triggers as they come up so that they can achieve long-term sobriety.

Where to begin? If you have a desire to change your life and get off the painful ride of active addiction I will help you determine an appropriate course of action – whether this means providing hourly or intensive coaching services or helping you choose an inpatient treatment program, intensive outpatient program, a therapist, a psychiatrist, or 12 step meetings.

How free do you want to be?

Some people say that recovery is about learning how to manage our feelings. I believe it is about learning how to manage our disease (of addiction). Recovery is the process of becoming free from the negative self-destructive impulses that create cravings to seek relief in drugs and alcohol. Recovery is the process of becoming fearless.

Photo Courtesy of Anne Wermie/NY Post

Photo Courtesy of Anne Wermie/NY Post

Together we implement lifestyle changes that promote health and wellness, improve energy and support restful sleep. This will naturally lower stress, anxiety and depression. By learning how to embrace and accept all of our feelings – the good the bad and the ugly, the disease has fewer opportunities to gain power. In recovery we are able to move gracefully through both the immense joy and the emotional minefields that life presents without having to seek relief in drugs and alcohol.

I tailor a plan of action according to the specific needs of the client.   When authorized, I will work closely with their clinical team to share information, provide observations, or implement suggestions. I believe in creating a wide net of support.  A sober coach is not a paid sponsor. I never read twelve-step literature or work steps with clients. I strongly encourage clients to find and build a support group and a relationship with a sponsor.

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