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Whether you’re thinking about giving sobriety a shot, are new to recovery, or you’ve been sober for a while, you’re bound to find a posting pertinent to your current experience. I’ve tried to write about every situation and feeling you’re likely to come up against.

I’ve been posting announcements for SEX TALK (a free live video event I host) in this space so keep scrolling to get beyond all the sex topics. Don’t give up because there are over 60 blogs covering a variety of recovery-related topics.

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Stay tuned – I’ll be revamping my website and I’m either going to categorize blog topics for easier navigation or throw everything into a free e-book and start using this space to post musings, personal stories, opinion pieces, and news. I’ve lots of ideas but not always a lot of free time.




  Feb 05, 2016

Patty is a nationally recognized certified recovery coach and writer. She lives in New York City.

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Thanks for your advice, I love the video s and blog, both help me tremdously! Goodluck this year! I am looking forward to watch you in the Open and games!

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